Area Rug /Combo floor tool

Area Rug /Combo floor tool


Rug/Floor Combination Tool

The floor/rug tool is designed for cleaning of smooth floors, carpet and rugs with a short nap.    A lever on this attachment is depressed to move the brush down for smooth floors or up for carpet and rugs. A single rubber wheel facilitates movement of the tool over all surfaces. The stiff nylon bristles provide for excellent cleaning of smooth surfaces.  

Ideal applications for this tool are areas where there are both suitable hard surfaces and short nap carpet or rugs that requires light cleaning, and a single attachment is desired.  Often, better cleaning can be achieved by using a powerhead for carpet and rugs and a floor brush for smooth floors.

The swivel neck facilitates access in tight spaces.  This attachment is designed to fit standard 1 1/4" friction wands.

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