Air Driven Stair Brush

Air Driven Stair Brush


Deeper cleaning is realized through mechanical agitation of the surface. This 6 inch Turbo Brush harnesses your vacuum cleaners suction power then uses that power to turn a cylindrical bristled brush. This simple and cost-effective system brings new levels of cleaning to standard cleaners.


  • Effective removal of common household dust as well as pet hair, mites and allergens from upholstery and mattresses
  • Increased effective cleaning performance from agitation by the high-speed double chevron brush roll
  • Perfect for stairs, pet beds & vehicle upholstery
  • Industry Forum Design Award
  • Versatile adjustable suction head for different cleaning applications and working positions


  • Swivel elbow
  • Housing can be opened
  • Roller brush driven by a covered belt
  • Fits over 1 1/4" tubing

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