Flexible Crevice Tool - Standard 17"

Flexible Crevice Tool

Flexible Crevice Tool - Standard 17"
Standard 17"

Flexible Crevice Tool

 Vacuum cleaner attachment for refrigerator condenser and dryer cleaning. This vacuum cleaner attachment helps to clean dust and lint build-up in and around your refrigerator condenser coils underneath the refrigerator and dryer lint in the area where the lint filter is inserted. Fits 1-1/4 in. vacuum cleaner hoses.

This tool can bend 180 degrees and will fit any vacuum cleaner which takes 1 1/4" inner diameter attachments or using standard 1.25" diameter straight pipe wand ends. This is 36 inches long and will easily reach a great deal under most fridges. This will also work under washers, dryers, furniture like sofas, china cabinet, office cabinets and more. 

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